Pupil Reimagines The College Application Process

Aug. 25, 2021 — New York, New York — Pupil, a platform providing students with opportunities and mentorship, is expected to release their free mobile application at the end of 2021. The promising startup is designed to match high schoolers with undergraduates and professionals based on career, study, and school interest. With a young and ambitious team of high school and college students, the company is driven to help their peers achieve their goals by connecting its users with like-minded individuals, budding professionals and student organizations across the states.

👨‍💻 Why Pupil's Mentorship Algorithm Matters

Each year, universities are becoming increasingly selective and expensive. The Ivy League’s recent average 8% acceptance rate in 2021 is 6 percent less than its 14% in 2020. Students are reacting to these soaring numbers by selling themselves short, thinking that they are incapable of attending college, completing their education, fitting in, or finding a career path.

Pupil is built off its core principles of Match, Chat, and Explore. Their one-of-a-kind mentoring platform will provide students with the proper resources to succeed in competitive atmospheres. Moreover, Pupil pairs users with mentors of differing ages, careers, and backgrounds, enabling them to gain advice in varying aspects of their lives.

📱 Additional Features from Pupil

  • Match with mentors/mentees based on interests
  • Direct message mentors, mentees and even institutions
  • Follow your favorite college or organization to get notified of upcoming events
  • Attend virtual events held by colleges and organizations

“There are plenty of underprivileged students who feel defeated and overwhelmed with the college application process. Pupil was made to help these students by bringing forth an environment dedicated to student growth and learning,“ Aarav Makadia, Pupil’s Co-Founder.

Pupil is a tangible step towards educational equality—educational opportunity isn’t accessible for all, but it should be.

Learn from people further in their lives

Download the app to meet people with similar career interests, social causes, and fascinating educational backgrounds! Avoid the social constraints of finding mentors on Pupil!

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