Meet Ian Gunther, VP of Product Design at Pupil

Sept. 2, 2021 — New York, New York — Today, Pupil is a small, up and coming EdTech startup operating in different parts of the world. Students from Chicago, California, New York and Toronto have been able to cultivate and sustain an inclusive environment, while communicating online. Pupil currently has 28 high school and college students working towards a common goal of giving students the resources to transcend all socioeconomic barriers.

I’m thrilled to introduce our VP of Product Design, Ian Gunther. Ian will bring his incredible creativity and unmatched experience to designing an application that not only pleases the eye, but carries out Pupil’s mission.

🎨 About Ian

Aside from Pupil, Ian is a student at Stanford University studying Product Design and Engineering. Ian is a dedicated student-athlete who has achieved many accolades in gymnastics. Just a name a few: NCAA Champion (2019, 2021), Eight-time NCAA All-American, and a US National Gymnastics Team Member. Throughout his young career, he has been able to successfully maintain a work-life balance and build a strong culture with his team/co-workers.

Previously, Ian served as a product manager at an Edtech company called Create & Learn, playing an instrumental role in spearheading the creation of an online physical education platform. The company’s leadership was worried about the kid’s health and fitness at home during the pandemic. To combat this, Ian would lead stretches and exercises through zoom, invite guests, and create a go-to-market strategy for the program. As a hobby, Ian expresses his personality on TikTok, where he uses his platform and knowledge to bring more attention to men's gymnastics.

I joined Pupil to help students who aren’t sure what their passion or focus in life is. As a senior in college looking back at high school, I remember when I had a difficult time adjusting to college, especially with time management. My goal at Pupil is to help create a platform that will give guidance to students who are struggling like I was.

📈 Ian's Impact

In Ian’s 5 months with the company, we are very grateful for him leading our design team to finishing our user-interface for our mobile platform. His team will continue working on user testing and updating Pupil’s platform with new versions and designs. Pupil emphasizes accessibility to its employees, and Ian will be the driving force behind designing a web platform in the coming months.

Ian is one of many remarkable students at Pupil. We are very appreciative of the sacrifices they make and are inspired by their hard work and dedication to providing peers with the help they need. As a company, we want their work to be as exciting and knowledgeable as the experiences they contribute to.

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